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RF Module and Smart antenna technology to break the barriers of traditional wireless

Today, wireless networks in all walks of life and the increasing popularity of modern urban construction, real easy for people to live and work. However, due to the limitations imposed by wireless network technology, users deploying wireless local area networks, wireless signals often encounter interference, signal poor penetration, leading to a short distance a common problem. Recently introduced to China by Israel of the wireless network market BOSHINE (Wavion) WBS-2400Wi-Fi base station products effectively address these challenges.

WBS-2400Wi-Fi base station using BOSHINE unique Beamforming (Spatially Adaptive Beamforming) smart antenna technology. The technology uses six radio modules and six omni-directional antenna intelligent co-ordination, so that by the SDMA for the division of space, users can simultaneously produce multiple high-gain smart spot beams, through the reflections in a complex environment, refraction and so on, finally converged The office space users a unified receiver; and then passed in the use of spot beam transmit / receive compensation when the intelligence generated by algorithms, so that BOSHINE WBS-2400Wi-Fi base station with a strong depth of non-line-function.

As we all know, the traditional Wi-Fi technology in the multi-path propagation due to gain loss, combined with poor signal, interference and other factors, make a wireless network so far been ineffective. The wave of inquiry Spatially Adaptive Beamforming technology in each packet, based on good use of multipath reflections to improve product performance, the reflection through different paths to the client's send and receive signals intelligence combine to convergence and enhanced between the base station and wireless client to send and receive energy. The effective realization of this process of signal transmission link gain, greatly enhanced the base station transmission signal penetration and anti-jamming capability. After testing, a normal notebook computer built-in wireless card can be four residential buildings of the block can still receive BOSHINE stability of the wireless signal and send the base station to maintain a high-bandwidth communications.