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Products-Radio Data Module-HR-1031 Radio Data Module
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1. Products Main Features:
Modulate and demodulate algorithm is realized by software using advanced and reliable DSP technology for high speed digital signal.
High speed digital signal transmission is realized by adopting advance communication algorithm such as wave-form transaction and bandwidth compress etc.
To get best receive performance, quickly self-adapt equilibrium technology is adopted to eliminate the ware-form distortion caused by multi-path, (relay) group delay during the transmission.
Combination of powerful feedforward put right code GF(256)Reed-Solomon and complect algorithm guarantees reliable communication in the bad environment.
With CRC-ARQ function and 16bit circular verification code, it will require automatically re-sending the data when the error code occurs during data verification.
Watchdog is used to prevent from shutting down caused by the disturbance in the industrial environment.
Self-adapt transmission speed; adjust automatically among 1200~19200bps according to the quality of signal channel.
double phase-lock loop, double VCO structure, high stability.
Standard TTL, RS232 (or 485) interface; directly connect to Single Chip or Personal Computers.
Set transmit frequency and change channel and work mode by computer.
Using divided packed transmission, it can be used to construct a wireless grouping data communication net, maximal 254 users in the net.
Support AT instruction, user can set running parameters and status by software.
All products adopt surface paste technology, which guarantees the stability and reliability of the products.
Flexible net building protocol: support several net building mode such as full transparency, poll, CSMA(carrier wave multi-address) etc.
2. Application areas:
* Shipping, traffic, interphone system of taxi;
* Industrial automatic control electric power schedule, water conservancy monitor;
* Signal collection and transmission of railway system, oil extraction and transportation control, measure of oil or water wells;
* Hydrological monitor, weather information transmission, environment monitor, container management;                                                                     
* Goods management in supermarket, forest protection, intelligent building;
* Wireless beaconing, geological reconnoiter, mobile location, military training;  
* Public security, medical ward, remote controlling and remote detecting, and others automatic control fields;
3. Specifications
AGeneral Index
frequency:  150/230/450 MHz
frequency tolerance:  ±2.5ppm
frequency tolerance:  25KHz
antenna impedance:  50Ω
environment temperature:  -20℃~+55℃
modulate mode:   PSK/QPSK/TCM-16QAM
data transmission speed:  1200 ~19200bps
BReceive Index
signal Noise Ratio(SNR):   ≤-45dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity:    ≥65dB
Inter modulation interference:  ≥60dB
Spurious response immunity:   ≥65dB   
CTransmit Index
Transmit Power: 5-25W
modulate distortion:  ≤5%
residual frequency modulation: ≤-40dB
frequency deviation: ≤5KHz       
channel power ratio: ≤-65dB
stray power:  ≤5uW
DPower supply
DC: 12V 
waiting current: ≤  160mA
transmit current: ≤  6 A (Transmit Power 25W)