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Products-Radio Data Module-HR-1005 Data RF Module
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                          HR-1005 Low Power USB Data RF Module


HR-1005, the Low-power wireless transceiver data module is used as the wireless data transceiver in long-ranges, with the small size, weight and power consumption and good stability and reliability.
 * AMR Automatic Meter Reading
 * Wireless alarm and security systems
 * Home automation
 * Low power telemetry
 * Wireless conference voting system;
 * Sports training & competition;
 * Wireless dishes ordering;
 * Wireless POS, PDA wireless smart terminal;
 * Electronic bus station and intelligent traffic;
 * RF transmitter Wireless electronic display screen and queuing machine;
 * Wireless telemetry Charging for parking, parking lot;
 * Wireless modem Automobile inspection and four-wheel orientation;
 * Wireless sensor Industrial wireless remote control and air conditioning remote controller;
 * Observation and predication of oil well and hydrological information;
 * Point to multi-point wireless network, wireless on-the-spot bus and automatic data collection system;

Technical specification of HR-1005:

Serial number
Modulation mode
Work frequency
 Capable of 315/868/915mhz
Transmission power
Transmitting current
Receiving current
Receiving sensitivity
Channel amount
8 channel
User setting
Working temperature
Working humidity
10%~90%(relative humidity without condensation)
Antenna impedance:
Power supply
Reliable transmit distance

1.Power and receiving sensitivity
The transmission power is <100mW, Receiving sensitivity: -110dbm,
Transmission current<100mA, Receiving current<10mA
2. Modulation mode and Frequency 
Modulation mode: FSK, Frequency: 433mhz. Also capable of 315mhz, 868mhz and 915mhz.
3. High anti- interference and low BER(Bit error Rate)
Based on the FSK modulation mode, the high- efficiency forward error correction channel encoding technology is used to enhance data¡s resistance to both burst interference and random interference and the actual bit error rate of 10-5 ~ 10-6 can be achieved when channel bit error rate is 10-2.
4. Long transmission distance
Within the range of visibility, the reliable distance is¡BER=10-3/1200bps¨ >500m when the antenna is higher than 200m (BER=10-3/9600bps).
5. Transparent data transmission
Transparent data interface is offered to suit any standard or nonstandard user protocol. Any false data generated in the air can be filtrated automatically (What has been received is exactly what has been transmitted). The change time between receiving and sending is <10ms.
6. Multi- channel
The standard HR-1005 configuration provides 8 channels to meet the multiple communication combination mode of the user.
7. High speed wireless communication and Large data buffer zone
When the RF baudrate is bigger than COM baudrate, allowing to transmit unlimited length data at one time, when the RF baudrate is smaller or equal to the COM¡s, allowing the transmission of 255 Bytes data .
8. Intelligent data control and the user doesn¯t need to prepare excessive programs
Even for semi duplex communication, the user doesn¡t need to prepare excessive programs, only receiving/transmitting the data from the interface. HR-1005 will complete the other operations automatically, such as transmission/receiving conversion in the air, control, etc.
9. High reliability, small and light
Single chip radio - frequency integrated circuit and single chip MCU are used for lessened peripheral circuits, high reliability, and low failure rate.
10. Watchdog monitor
Watchdog monitors the inner function, it changes the traditional product structure and also improve the reliability of our modules.
11. HR-1005 User interface
HR-1005 provide USB interface.
User must install the USB driver before using it. After installing the driver, PC can build one virtual serial port, User¡s soft can operate the serial port.
12. Encapsulation Structure, dustproof, waterproof and static proof
Comprised by plastic DOS shell¡epoxy encapsulation¬dustproof , waterproof and static proof¬good anti-jamming.