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Products-RF Module-HR-1002 Data RF Module
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HR-1002 the high speed rate wireless transceiver data module is suitable for:
* AMR Automatic Meter Reading
* Wireless alarm and security systems
* Building automation, security, wireless monitoring and control of room equipment, Access Control System;
* Wireless data transmission, automatic data collection system;
* Low power telemetry
* 433 / 868 and 915 MHz ISM/SRD band systems
* Data radio can be used for Wireless conference voting system;
* Lighting control
* Radio modem can be used for Sports training & competition;
* Wireless dishes ordering;
* Wireless POS, PDA wireless smart terminal;
* RF modem can be used for Electronic bus station and intelligent traffic;
* RF transmitter Wireless electronic display screen and queuing machine;
* Wireless telemetry Charging for parking, parking lot;
* Wireless modem Automobile inspection and four-wheel orientation;
* Wireless sensor Industrial wireless remote control and air conditioning remote controller;
* Data communication used for railway, oil field, dock and army.
* LED display in thruway and public places
* Wireless RS232/RS485 conversion/connector;
* Point to multi-point wireless network, wireless on-the-spot bus and automatic data collection system;
Technical specification of HR-1002:
Power Output:
≤50mW <customized>
RF Line-of-sight Range:
200m@9600bps, 400m@1200bps
RF Effective Rate:
1200~250 kbps optional
Receiver Sensitivity:
-112dBm@1200bps, -108dBm@9600bps
Networking Topology:
Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint
Supply Voltage:
3.1~5.5V DC(customized according requirement)
Transmitting Current:
Receiving Current:
<20mA (TTL connect)
Sleeping Current:
Frequency Band:
433MHz(Default), 300-350 MHz, 390-460MHz and 780-925 MHz (customized)
Communication Mode:
16(Default), 32(customized)
RS-232/RS-485/USB/TTL optional
40mm×24mm×6mm (without antenna port)
Antenna Impedance:
50Ω SMA (multiple antenna options available)
Operating Temperature:
-35~+75 C
Frequency Stability;
1.       Connection Definition with terminal
HR-1002 transceivers supply one 9-pin connector(JP1),their definitions and connection methods with terminals are shown in Table 1.
Table 1: JP1 Pin Definitions and connection methods
2. The connection schematic diagram between computer and our RF module
3. Setting of channel, interface, and data format 
Before using HR-1002, the user needs to make simple configuration based on its own needs to determine the channel, interface mode and data format.
The user can change or view the module's interface baud rate, channel and address code. Parameter setting or reading as per the testing software HRPRO.exe in the PC (in products box).And the configuration is as follows:
Channel configuration:
Note: the frequency points corresponding to each channel can be adjusted based on the user’s needs.
4. Installation dimension:
5. Standard configuration:
* One HR-1002 RF module
* A 6pin flat Connection Line.
* A whip antenna(about 10cm)
6Optional accessories:
* RS-232 interface programming connection Line. (Users can set the module parameters through the RS-232 of the computer easily)
* USB interface programming connection Line. (Users can set the module parameters through the USB of the computer easily)
* Data transmission testing equipment. (User can test the module when select mode or actually use easily).
* Optional antenna (Users can according to their actually demands, choose their own antennas to achieve the optimal communications effect.
* To achieve the optimal communications effect, please use less ripple power modulus, the maximum current of power should be greater than 1.5 times of the maximum current of modules.
* Only choose one interface of TTL、RS-485、RS-232,
* Baud rate classified:
 Interface rate: users can change through HRPRO.exe PC
 Air rate: it should be explained when users order product.
* Generally the module in receiving state, if the IDLE pin continuously connect low level (>200millisecond). At the same time the module can’t receive or transmit any data. Only When the IDLE pin hangs or in the state of high level (VH<3.5V), 150 ms later, the module will be in receiving state again. (If don’t need sleep function, the IDLE pin will be hang).